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The 90/ten Rule

Life is 10% what happens to you and
90% what you do after that.


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We believe this rule applies to architecture as well as life. Each project starts with a blank slate and then takes on a life of its own. In the beginning a project starts to be shaped by parameters that seem to create limits: the program, the budget, the site, the codes, the context - all of these would appear to define the project.

But still there is no form ... there is opportunity.

Opportunity to take what is given, and within practical reason, use those constraints not as definition of the form, but as unique and sometimes invisible boundaries that are simply present while the real work is forged. The creative work, the inspired work. The work that, while often not easy, eventually leads to an introduction of new ideas and concepts. Work that will yield more than a physical restatement of the starting conditions and finally become artful. And when it is done, it will seem correct and worthy. People will see and experience much more than what was simply given. They will sense and appreciate that inspired work was done.

This is the application of the 90/10 rule and

This is the work of 90ten Architects.

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